Dogs with Umbrellas, Scrapes & Bruises, and Kitchen Sink Fro-yo

This morning, as I made my way home on my morning run, I got distracted by a golden retriever walking down the street with a big red umbrella in his mouth, and I tripped and fell. It sucked. Except that the dog really wanted to make sure I was okay and enthusiastically licked my entire face. Three times. Aw. He was such a cutie and his owner was so kind, trying to make me feel like less of a putz by telling me that she's done the same many times ("You think that running makes you stronger, but you just end up tumbling more"). Damn those Park Slope slopes and uneven sidewalks and cute dogs that I can't resist smiling at instead of watching where I'm going! So now I have a scraped hand and a gash under my knee, which isn't so bad, just a little gross, but I had to limp home since the soft bit under my knee cap is what hit the ground. Yikes!

With the 10K just 2 weeks away, I was hoping to avoid any set backs, so I really could kick myself for this considering I shouldn't have even been running at that point. It was a 3 mile run, and I had done 3.25, so it was more than fine to walk the rest of the way, but after 2 blocks of strolling, I got bored and decided to run some more. Why not, right? Grrrr.

Of course, this little disruption made me feel entitled to a yummy post-workout treat. So into the Vitamix went whatever caught my eye and out came Kitchen Sink Fro-Yo. The first thing I thought of was that last pot of greek yogurt in the fridge, which was still there only because I've been trying to follow what is outlined in the Eat Right For Your Type Diet pretty strictly, as recommended by my nutritionist. My blood type is O and yogurt is a no-no. But I fell down and deserved a treat, right? Right! Then in went the cacao powder, cinnamon, vanilla, a cup of frozen strawberries AND a cup of the frozen butternut squash that was sitting right next to it, ground flax seed and even a date for sweetness, which is something else I'm sure I shouldn't eat because they are so high in sugar. I added a few ice cubes and then a splash of rice milk, just so the machine wouldn't burst into flames. After a minute or so of hard work by the Vitamix, I had creamy, delicious frozen yogurt with plenty of protein, which I took, (with ice for my knee) into bed and devoured.

After icing my knee and shin, it's just a little sore when I walk, particularly if I've been sitting for a while. Tomorrow's run is only 2 miles (I'll probably do 2.5) so hopefully it won't be enough to aggravate anything, but enough to keep it from tightening up. And I didn't break my I-pod, which was in my right hand, or land badly on the keys that were in my left hand. So, overall, not such a big bump in the road on the way to the 10K. Hope it's the last!


  1. Laur...your blog is so awesome. I miss you sooo much. We need a serious catch-up session.


  2. Thanks, Brooke! I miss you, too. Let's talk soon xoxo