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After a 6 mile run in Prospect Park (yay!) a was in the mood for a BIG breakfast. I'm often in the mood for a BIG breakfast, so I picked up a BIG bowl from Fishs Eddy. Its actually a mixing bowl, perfect for the yummy concoctions I like to throw together, where things tend to fly over the edges of smaller bowls. I've been missing oatmeal, which I found out I'm having a food sensitivity to recently, so I thought I would try rolled spelt flakes. They don't get all creamy and gooey like oats do, but I figured out a way to solve that problem . . . tahini! Sounds a little weird, but it turned out really rich and tasty, especially with all the other stuff mixed in. Here's the recipe:

1 cup rolled spelt flakes
2 cups filtered water
3 tb (or more!) raw organic tahini
2 tb flax seed meal
1 ts cinnamon
1 cup frozen organic strawberries, thawed in warm water
1/2 square of 100% cocoa bakers chocolate
splash of homemade rice milk (optional)

The directions for the spelt flakes call for the spelt to be added to boiling water, but I have nicer, less watery results when I put the flakes and water in the pot and then bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes or more.

While the spelt cooks, put the frozen strawberries in a cup of warm water so they defrost a bit. Or use fresh. I choose frozen since the organic is reasonably priced at Whole Foods and I can stock up for those times I can't get to the grocery store as often as I would like. Unlike rolled oats, there will be water left in the pot with the cooked spelt, so spoon the spelt out into a mixing bowl and toss the excess water. Then add tahini and stir it up to make it rich and creamy. While it is still warm, add the bakers chocolate and strawberries and stir some more.

Finish things off with some flax and cinnamon and a splash of rice milk.

The rice milk wasn't necessary at all, but I had just made a batch using almond extract since I ran out of vanilla and it was so delicious I wanted to put it in everything! Grab a big ol' spoon and eat up!

Read about some of the health benefits of tahini here.

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