Last night, EH and I strolled over to Carroll Gardens for an early dinner. I had picked up a Groupon for a meal at a wine and tapas bar on Court Street, Palo Cortado, and we were eager to give it a try- the menu looks fabulous! Unfortunately, when we arrived, it was closed. This isn't the first time that's happened either. A few Sundays ago, after a rain terrible storm (actually worse for us in Park Slope than Hurricane Irene), we trudged out with umbrellas and jumped puddles to get to the new Bareburger on 7th Ave, only to find it was not going to open that day. So disappointing, because we really do love food, and when we have our hearts and minds set on a particular fare, it's difficult to switch gears (Whaaa!).

With all the culinary choices on Court Street, we cut our moping short and decided to head over to Prime Meats. The last time we wanted to have dinner there, it was about a 2 hour wait so we skipped it, and here was our chance to have a go! I used to live a couple of blocks away from Prime Meats, and at that time, the restaurant wasn't fully opened. I did enjoy their chocolate bread and iced coffee on summer Sunday mornings, but I was a vegetarian- a recovering vegan, in fact- so I honestly never thought dinner there would be an option for me. Prime Meats is Germanic alpine cuisine, and I am part German, yet another reason I was really looking forward to the experience! Do you feel the same way, that taking part in food and drink that is part of your heritage adds something special?

EH and I were NOT disappointed. Being that it was early, maybe 6:30 or so, there was no wait for a table. The staff was very courteous and helpful, and the decor is nice- in the larger dining area there is a second floor balcony and skylight, which made it feel like we were in some one's house. Lots of wood and amber lighting and the typical Brooklyn tin ceiling in the smaller dining areas. There is a long menu of Six Point beer, wine and delicious sounding cocktails. Because I don't drink very much I went with the punch, which changes daily. It was made with green tea, vermouth, ... was served in a lovely little decorative clear glass tea cup, and was quite delicious!

I ordered the Grillerd Thuringer Bratwurst served with house-made sauerkraut, with a side of sauteed kale and EH ordered Pork Schnitzel (loin, breaded and fried) served with
home-made potato salad and a side of the braised red cabbage. We shared and devoured everything, including the little pot of tangy brown mustard served on the side. My seal of approval usually comes in the form of the statement, "We have to come back here with my family," and that's exactly what I said about 4 bites into this incredibly satisfying meal.

Frank and Frank, of Frankies Spuntino just next door, are the ones behind Prime Meats, as well. It's safe to say, these guys know what they're doing.

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