This past Friday, unused to having days off from work, EH and I were thinking it was Saturday and attempted to bring his mom to Stone Park Cafe for brunch on the first morning of her visit from London. We were looking forward to taking her to some of the restaurants we've really enjoyed visiting since we moved into the neighborhood and Stone Park Cafe is one of our favorite brunch spots. But, like most Park Slope restaurants, Stone Park only serves brunch on the weekends and we were all famished, so the frantic search for good food in a pleasant environment was on! EH remembered we had a nice breakfast at some place on 5th ave, but couldn't remember the name, and while scouring menupages and trying to figure out what he was thinking of, I finally recalled a restaurant that looked newly opened and I had been eager to try when we first moved here: Market to Table or Table Market, or some thing about a market and a table.

With fingers crossed we looked for it on yelp, googled it, looked down 5th Ave at street view on google maps and eventually found a phone number. Turns out it is now called Juventino (no longer Get Fresh Table and Market) and they serve brunch EVERY DAY! Thank goodness! Still a bit nervous since I had no idea how much it had changed since the newest naming, and I wanted to leave EH's mom with the perfect first impression of our neighborhood, we walk with high hopes to the restaurant. It was indeed open- victory #1!- and the same simple rustic decor that it had been when it was Table and Market- victory #2!- and the menu offered many mouth-watering options- victory #3!

We shared a large french press coffee, Stumptown, I believe, and lingered over the menu, since choosing a dish was difficult. Being pancake-aholics, we knew we would share a plate, but while we narrowed down the choices for our main dishes, Juventino Avila presented us with a beautiful tasting of local plums with yogurt made by Sara at Culture down the street. Nice touch! Mom and I had the Steak and Eggs with grass-fed wagyu eye-round from Texas, and EH had the Full English Breakfast, and none was disappointed! The staff is quick and accommodating and we took our time and talked, commenting throughout on how much we enjoyed our meal and overall experience.

A great commodity to have in the neighborhood, I left Juventino thinking of excuses to return as soon as possible. Looking forward to having our next guest so we can share another brunch here!

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